Now available!

LiturgicalHarpLogoThe Liturgical Harp is a collection edited and published by Duncan Vinson for use by church choirs and shape-note singing ensembles. 

Features include:

  • Four-shape notation
  • Tunes given at an absolute pitch suitable for congregational singing
  • Melodies given in the variant in common use today in Protestant hymnals
  • Hymn texts include most stanzas in common use today in Protestant hymnals

Contains 62 hymn texts set to 52 tunes, grouped according to the church year. Some tunes are already known from settings in shape-note books. Other tunes are folk-like melodies that lend themselves well to a shape-note setting. A complete table of contents is available.

Downloadable samples:

Ordering information:

The Liturgical Harp is currently available as a personalized e-book in .pdf format. Upon payment of $15.00 (US dollars only), you will receive a personalized, nontransferable electronic copy of the volume.

Online payment is not yet available. To initiate an order, please fill out the form below.


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