A selection of tunes from The Liturgical Harp is now available as a sampler pamphlet. This pamphlet contains 7 tunes and is available in .PDF format for $5.00. (This purchase price can be applied later toward the $15.00 cost of the full volume.)

The selection represents the stylistic diversity of the full Liturgical Harp volume, and five of the seven settings (in bold print below) are exclusive to this publication:

  • “I heard the voice of Jesus say” to KINGSFOLD
  • “Jerusalem, my happy home” to LAND OF REST
  • “On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand” to THE PROMISED LAND (major key version)
  • “Every time I feel the spirit”
  • “The spacious firmament on high” to CREATION
  • “Praise to the living God” (“The God of Abraham praise”) to LEONI
  • “Leaning on the everlasting arms” to SHOWALTER

Combined with the three tunes made available for free on this website, approximately 10% of the content from The Liturgical Harp is available for the price of 50 cents per song.

To order the sampler, please fill out the form on the home page.


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